Mindful Design.

Efficient Building.

Liveable Homes.


Current buildings lack flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability - leaving a high demand for liveable, healthy homes.

What are we doing?

We build with mass timber which allows for design and construction integration. This reduces waste and compresses construction timelines, allowing for increased profits for our investment partners and affordability for the end-users. We design our homes using the principles of biophilic design to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment by encouraging natural light and using natural stone and wood in our spaces. Our designs are mindful of the human experience, prioritizing walkability, beauty, liveability and communal spaces.


Reduction in Overall Construction Costs

Due to modular design and offsite manufacturing, construction time is reduced, therefore overall construction costs and risks are reduced.

Reduced Stress

Studies show that humans in environments made by natural elements like wood, experience less stress. 


Reduction in  Construction Schedule

We are able to get units sold quickly and have a quick turnaround time meaning more money in the bank.

Human Well-Being

& Liveability

Wood is seen as a premium building material and cheaper alternatives do not evoke the same biophilic response.

Increased Profit

Offsite manufacturing reduces costs, schedule and risk. Exposed wood is a desirable finish on its own, Mass Timber does not require application of other finish materials adding further to profit margins.

Increased Renewability

Increased renewability / sustainability in contrast to traditional steel and concrete construction that accounts for 10% of global emissions.

Increasing Density, Improving Liveability.

There is a missing middle in development for multi-unit buildings under 50 units. We’ve seen a growing demand for community-oriented, liveable and walkable homes. Our goal is to hone in on this opportunity and not only fill this gap, but innovate within it by prioritizing human-focused, mindful design. 


By incorporating biophilic design principles, we can increase density and affordability while maintaining liveability. Our unique data-driven site selection process leads us to lifestyle locations, with increasing population growth, walkability, community interaction and access to nature.

*People's Choice Winner - Edmonton International Missing MIddle Design Competition

**Architect, Holo Blok


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