Who says a simple home design is boring?

November 14, 2017



When most people think of simple and minimalistic they typically think of empty and cold. Well sorry to disappoint you but that doesn’t have to be the case. A well thought out design can have large open spaces that feel warm and inviting. A minimalistic home can be designed from the inside out, starting with wall finishes and colours, as darker materials and tones will welcome large open spaces with an abundance of natural lights and smaller spaces using lighter colours. Another way to shift into a simple design is to remove unnecessary walls and storage. This is a quick way to open spaces and therefore reduce areas where clutter likes to grow and multiply. Less really could mean more when it relates to choosing to live in a simple, minimalistic home.


Minimalistic designs are becoming trend worthy in other parts of the world so why not here?


Take a quick look through architectural trends in Europe and Australia and you will quickly find that minimalistic designs are the hot new trend. Over here in North America, we are starting to recognize the importance of home again and the need to disconnect from technology. Simple home designs are an easy way to start that process of unplugging and relaxing. The last thing you want to do after a long day is to arrive home to a cluttered, dark, uninviting space. You want to come home and relax in front of large windows overlooking a well planned, landscaped backyard or lounge in your master getaway reading a good book.


Get personal


So where should you start when thinking about simple? Well, get personal! Start looking at your current daily routines, what do you do in the mornings or how do you relax in the evenings? Observe how you interact with your space and identify the objects you use most and what could possibly be eliminated. Here is where social media comes in handy(first time ever right), use Instagram or Pinterest to map out your design desires. We recommend saving pictures or boards at certain times of day throughout the week. Our brains operate differently say on a Monday morning as opposed to a Friday afternoon.


Say shhhh to storage


Keep your storage quiet and private. There are many creative ways to keep your storage out of sight. Not everyone has the desire to lead a minimalistic life and that is a-ok but a simple home should keep open storage to a minimum. Try adding doors to those pesky garage shelves or built-in wardrobes instead of walk-in closets. There is more than one way to free us from excess and help us relax.


Deciding to choose a minimalistic simple home doesn’t necessarily mean reducing area but it could be an option which will save you build, maintenance and operating costs. A simple home is for you and a way to improve your wellbeing.


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